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Bucharest is one of the most modern and vibrant capitals in Europe. It is a city of contrasts, where life runs in a completely different rhythm, a more dynamic and hypnotic one, where there are so many fun and interesting things to do that you barely have the time to appreciate its unbelievably beautiful scenery, surprisingly nice people and charming ambiance. A couple of days in Bucharest represent a unique touristic experience that will show you that beyond the gray buildings, amazing contrasts, the impressive ethnic diversity, the spectacular décor and the discrepancy between the passion for modernity and the devotion for the past, there are even more reasons to fall in love with this city.

What are those reasons? Well, we have made it our mission to reveal the true beauties of Bucharest to all of those who are interested in discovering hidden gems in the most surprising parts of the world. Because we have no doubt that once you will read our articles you will soon understand why Bucharest does not cease to fascinate us.

Beautiful people, charming ambiance and beautiful contrasts

In Bucharest you really feel alive. It is the place where each day offers you the opportunity to meet people who are unbelievably beautiful and different, who lead a very dynamic life style, where time is compact and where the urban contrasts feed our love for living beautifully.

Amazing events

Romania’s Capital is where you will always find a large offer of extraordinary concerts, where you can see a much anticipated movie premiere or go to amazing plays.

Great Café Shops and Pubs

No matter what your preferences are, you can be sure that in Bucharest you will always find the perfect spot for you. Chic Cafes, cozy tea houses, cool pubs or fast-foods can be found at every corner, and these are just a few of the options you have for enjoying a few drinks or deserts in this wonderful city.

Beautiful parks

You can have a picnic, ride your bike, skateboard or you can go on a boat trip right in the heart of Bucharest. The capital has some of the largest and most modern parks in the country where you can enjoy the simplest pleasures of life, in a more peaceful pace.

Cultural attractions

In Bucharest there are many museums, art galleries and architectural attractions. The best part about these spots is that they are all very social places. For instance, behind the Antipa Museum there is the Antipa Café where you can enjoy a few delightful moments after a very long walk among its numerous exhibits.

The hidden Delta

Bucharest is the only capital in Europe that has a Delta. The first natural park in Bucharest was formed on the site of the former Vacaresti Lake and it is called “Natural Park Vacaresti”. For locals, it is also known as “the Delta of Bucharest” and it hosts numerous rare animals and birds’ species.

Old Town

Old Tow isn’t just a place with a unique charm, old architecture, lively cafes and amazing people. It is the place that makes you think that you aren’t in Romania anymore and this is because here there are numerous foreigners that walk along its streets.

Bucharest isn’t just another European Capital. It is the city where you find surreal urban scenery, rich cultural legacy, lively ambiance and an irresistible cram of beautiful people that are driven by the desire to live life to its fullest, meet new friends and experience the wonderful adventures of this vibrant city. These are just a few reasons why Bucharest deserves to be discovered and loved both by locals and tourist across the world.