Aventura Parc Lucianca

If your idea of fun doesn’t involve going to a bar, pub or restaurant, but rather, doing some physical activity in a heavily wooded area then you should definitely check out Aventura Parc Lucianca.

Bucharest and its outskirts offer numerous attractions and ways to have fun. If your idea of fun is using your body and spending time in nature then Aventura Parc is a brilliant place to spend an entire day. Aventura Parc Lucianca was the first park of its kind opened in Romania back in 2006. The park itself doesn’t offer its service to people who like climbing alone as it also boasts a small zoo, a multipurpose sports ground as well as an artificial rock climbing wall, a minigolf course, an archery range and numerous entertainment options for kids.

The park is located a short drive away from Bucharest, approximately 32 km away on DN1A. It operates in the Lucianca forest in Butimanu village, Dambovita County. You can access this adventure park via personal vehicle or bus.

Among the park’s popular courses 4 truly stand out, being separated by a color system with the yellow and blue course being addressed to children and adults alike while the green and red course have a higher degree of difficulty and are addressed to adults exclusively. The more complex course can go to heights which exceed 8 meters with 12 stop points.

Expertly trained guides will be watching you every step of the way so you don’t have to worry about safety or your technical abilities.

Tariffs range depending on the time you want to spend there. A full day entrance fee costs 30 Ron for children under 1 meter in height, 35 Ron for pensioners, 43 Ron for children under 14, 45 Ron for students or large groups and 53 Ron for adults. Visitors can also get the family ticket for 170 Ron which is good for 2 adults and 2 children. The park may charge additional fees for some activities. The park is opened every Saturday and Sunday starting with 10:00 a.m. and closes at 18:00 p.m. The park is closed during weekdays unless you call and reserve a private event.

So whether you want to try you climbing skills, experience the outdoors, have fun with your entire family or take your kids to the zoo or let them practice their archery skills, you can definitely have a great time at Aventura Parc Lucianca.

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