Best Restaurants in Bucharest

Bucharest is also a city of many surprising flavors, where gastronomic influences mix together in the most delicious possible ways. All tourists who are visiting Romania’s Capital should try the local restaurants, where they will have the chance to eat sensational food and enjoy a delightful ambiance without spending a fortune.

Before we start talking about 10 of the best restaurants in Bucharest, I must recommend to all tourists to try the Romanian wines everywhere they dine. These are truly unique and manage to complete the whole food experience in a very nice way.

The Artist


This is definitely one of the priciest restaurants in Bucharest. But every single person who comes here agrees that even though the food may cost more than in other places, it deserves every cent. And one of the best tips you will probably ever get is: try the tasting menu. It is absolutely fabulous.

Prime Steaks & Seafood

prime steaks

Simple and spectacular food, served in a very modern and stylish place. This is how we could define the gastronomic experience we find here, where the star attraction is the Irish Hereford Prime file, considered to be the best one in the world.

Lacrimi si Sfinti


Everything that is served here is made in the owner’s farm and it is truly exquisite. The restaurant has its own wine collection and I do recommend you to try a couple of its products. You will be amazed by the unique flavor.

The London Street Atelier & Bistro


Very tasty food, very similar to the food cooked at home. The chef and the owner of this place is always around, ready to tell you all about the items from his menu. The friendly ambiance and the delicious food makes you want to come back for more. Also, here you will find the tastiest sausages in town.



Fine French food served in one of the most elegant hotels in Bucharest. Black Angus Steak cooked in Cabernet sauce with truffle mash is the most wonderful thing in the menu.



It is definitely the right place to serve the best brunch in Bucharest. This very creative and innovative Italian restaurant has one of the most daring chefs ever- Marco Magro- who goes over the top with every new menu it designs.

Modigliani – Pasta e Carne


Here you will find the best selection of fine stakes in the city, with beef and lamb from Argentine and New Zeeland. And the pastas are very fresh and delicious too. The restaurant offers a very original and pleasant food experience.

Deutsche Kneipe


A Kneipe means a traditional German pub, and this restaurant is owned by a German couple who has moved to Romania many years ago. The schnitzel here is truly delicious and the German beer selection is excellent.

Meze Taverna

Meze - Restaurant grecesc Centrul Istoric Bucuresti

Meze Taverna is a Greek restaurant that looks like an authentic Greek tavern where you can really feel like you’re in the heart of this wonderful country. It has a rich selection of fish and sea food, and everything is freshly cooked.



Burgers cooked in front of you, right then, when you are waiting at the bar, served with a rich selection of toppings and homemade sauces. The potatoes are really good and all the prices are very low.

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