Bucharest Has the Most Affordable Accommodations in EU

Bucharest is one of the most beautiful cultural destinations in Europe as it is a city rich in history, architectural attractions and charming galleries. Besides its fascinating urban scenery, it also hosts a vibrant night life, amazing social events and many possibilities for spending a relaxing time. Its wonderful touristic diversity is what drives numerous tourists to explore Romania’s Capital to its fullest, and there are numerous advantages to support such a tourist experience. The main reason is the fact that Bucharest is one of the most affordable cities in the European Union, as far as accommodations prices go. Here, visitors from all around the world will find modern and elegant apartments, studios, villas or hotels at very fair prices.

Recent studies show that a tourist who is visiting Bucharest will spend only 40 euros per day. This means 2 euros less than when visiting Sofia or 8 euros less than a tourist who is visiting Budapest. This makes it the most affordable capital in Europe, a place where you can spend a couple of days discovering beautiful tourist attractions while staying at a very fancy hotel or find Bucharest apartments for rent.

All tourists that visit Bucharest are delighted to notice the small prices for accommodation, museum or tour tickets, and even for food and drinks. This is because Romania’s Capital didn’t reach its full tourist potential yet and at the moment it represents a city where its residents lead their usual life and where, from time to time, visitors come with business or for a short trip. Who could resist to such an offer? Spending only 40 euros per day for three complete meals, accommodation and drinks is more than any tourist could dream of, especially in Europe. Plus, most museums, gallery, zoo or tour tickets cost only 2-3 euros.

Still, what are the best accommodation offers in Bucharest? When it comes to its accommodation units, Bucharest surprises with a very diverse and affordable offer. The city is rich in high class hotels, cheap hostels, luxury rental villas, elegant studios and modern apartments. All of these are designed to provide to your average tourist all the comfort and privacy he has back home. The prices start at 20 euros for a hotel room, 40 euros for a high end apartment down town and, depending on your demands for luxury, amenities and location, can even reach 100 euros. But no matter how you look at it, the price is still considerably lower than the one in other European capitals.

If you are thinking about visiting Europe this year, do not miss out on the unique cultural experience offered by Bucharest. Impressive museums, majestic architectural attractions, generous and modern green gardens, vibrant night life and fancy coffee shops are just a few of the things that will make you love this beautiful European Capital. And it is also the perfect chance for discovering that you can enjoy a delightful trip in Europe without burning all your savings on accommodation. Bucharest will impress you with its modern and elegant accommodation units that have some of the most affordable prices in EU.

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