Caru cu Bere

Caru’ cu Bere is without doubt one of the most beautiful restaurants in Romania. Its wooden paneling, beautiful interior decoration and rich history as well as the world class cuisine and varied drinks menu make it a must see by both locals and tourists.

The absolutely stunning building the restaurant is set in was built in 1898 by architects Zigfrid Z. Kofczinski and Al. Pesch. The building is constructed in the neo-gothic style with numerous other influences that make it such an incredibly popular historical monument, one of the symbols of Bucharest. The interior also boasts gothic and neo-gothic design elements. The most obvious of said gothic design element is the vaulted ceiling of course, a detail which, along with the wooden interior gives the restaurant much of its character. The interior is also rich in other neo-gothic decorative elements such as paintings, mosaics, sculpted wainscot, as well as stained glass. The green and wood tones dominate the color scheme of the interior while also establishing a warm and pleasant atmosphere, ideal for a truly opulent dining experience.

Among some of the traditional specialties enjoyed by the Caru’ cu Bere patrons you will find the “cremwurst with horseradish” as well as the special “mici” recipe which is considered by many to be the best in the country. Many Romanians consider the “mici” recipe served at Caru’ cu Bere to be the absolute standard, for one of Romania’s most popular food items. Caru’ cu Bere also boasted its own beer, with the initial owner, Ion Cabasanu obtaining his beer maker brevet in 1886 after several years of perfect service in many of the locales he owned in Bucharest at the time.

The beerhouse can be found on Stavropoleos Street in Bucharest’s picturesque historic quarter. The building has gone through numerous ownership changes in the last century, going from privately owned restaurant to Communist state property and back to a private partnership involving its original owners.

Currently the food at Caru cu Bere is a mix of classic Romanian favorites with international dishes that creates a balanced and tasty set of items just perfect for any hungry visitor. The house specialties come highly recommended. They are the pork with cabbage and polenta; a traditional pork based dish from the Bucovina region and the Knight’s Feast which is made up of beef steak with horse radish and vegetable sidings.

The beerhouse also boasts an impressive number of Romanian soups which are a great way to experience the restaurant during the cold season. One of the most popular is Ciorba cu Perisoare, a meat based soup that is popular across Romania.

Presently the beerhouse also organizes a series of private and cultural events which range from weddings to concerts, anniversaries or corporate events. The immense size of the restaurant, the over 500 seats and the stunningly preserved interior décor makes it a popular choice for all of the above mentioned events.

The restaurant also organizes guided tours of Bucharest’s beautiful historic center. It can be contacted in this regard on its website at

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