Curtea Berarilor

Curtea Berarilor is one of the biggest restaurants in Bucharest, with over 500 available seats. It is located in Bucharest’s beautiful historic center, where both tourists and locals tend to go to eat, drink or party.

It is located in the immediate vicinity of another famous restaurant called Crama Domneasca, similar in many ways to Curtea Berarilor thanks to the similarity of the buildings. The immense restaurant boasts numerous rooms and terraces which are interconnected in a harmonious pattern, giving a charming and authentic character to the restaurant. The building and the interior of the restaurant have been recently restored in 2008. The restoration process aimed to keep the authentic historical feel of the building while also allowing modern amenities and functionality. The successful restoration was finished the same year when Curtea Berarilor opened shop.

The beerhouse mixes a long list of beverages with some simple yet delicious and fresh dishes in order to create the perfect venue for a fun and relaxed time. The food is generally based on meat, be it chicken, pork or beef. Some other traditional recipes like sheep or mutton based dishes find their way on the menu as well as the traditional Romanian meat rolls called “mici”.

The beerhouse is split into seven rooms, each with a unique feel about it. The Sticlarie room is one of the largest rooms in the establishment. It used to be a glass blowing factory, however, it currently seats 100 people in a warm and pleasant environment, perfect for unwinding and drinking some cold hard beers.

The Hallway is another interesting room in Curtea Berarilor. It provides a more intimate space for patrons who simply want to get their own drinks without ordering food. The tables can seat up to 12 people at a time making it the perfect place to go out with a larger group of friends or with family members.

The Saloon is another room, albeit a smaller one where patrons can sit and enjoy the numerous dishes and beverages on offer. During weekends the Saloon also doubles as a party room with a DJ often setting the tone for a great night out. The room has a capacity of at least 80 people.

The Big Hall is the perfect place to sit if you want to order some of the delicious dishes on offer to go with your beverages. The polite waiters and the beautifully refurbished interior décor truly set this room apart and make a dining experience here unforgettable. The capacity of the room is for at least 40 people.

The Small Hall is a similarly sized room which might also be the best place to stay if your prefer privacy over enthusiast crowds of people. The music is turned as low as possible while the décor is equally impressive as the rest of the establishment. The room has a capacity of at least 40 people.

The Intermediate Terrace and the Sun Terrace offer an amazing and quite large outdoor space to enjoy cold summer refreshments as well as the warm weather. Each terrace has a capacity of 100 people.

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