Where to Find the Upscale Acommodation Offers in Bucharest

What are the main reasons for visiting Bucharest? Well, this European Capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, a very affordable tourist destination where you can choose between numerous options for spending your free time, such as museums, historical buildings, outside movie theaters, beautiful parks like Cismigiu or Herastrau, as well as an Old Town where you will find numerous wonderful restaurants.


One of the most important advantages of Bucharest is that it has very cheap accommodation offers. 3-4 stars hotels ask for 50 euros or less per night, 1-2 stars hotels charge about 20 euros while luxury rental apartments down town cost between 35 and 60 euros depending on the number of rooms, amenities and proximity to the most important areas in the city. Bucharest is a huge urban center with wonderful scenery, unique attractions and over 50,000 accommodation offers at very low prices. How could anyone say no to such an offer?

The most upscale areas in Bucharest, that attract visitors who are interested in a more luxurious and sophisticated tourist experience are located down town and in the north side of the city. Here there are the most extravagant and sophisticated hotels, villas, studios and rental apartments. Of course, the prices are higher than the ones available in the periphery of Bucharest, but these offer the advantage of being closer to the main tourist spots and business centers. For instance, renting a sumptuous and spacious apartment near Cismigiu Park, Amzei Square or Unirii Square costs 50 euros per night, while a similar apartment in Berceni or Vitan can be found at 20 euros per night. The price difference is considerably large, but the advantages of staying at an accommodation unit located in the most important parts of the city are invaluable. Being next to the spots that you want to visit, avoiding the traffic jams in Bucharest and enjoying the luxury of an upscale apartment justify the higher price.

If the price of the accommodation is more important than the area where you are staying then we recommend you to choose a hotel, villa or apartment that is located near a subway or bus station to offer you an easier access to down town. Bucharest is a very crowded city and driving a car through the center of the city may turn out to be a real challenge. To traffic jams, it is advised to use the subway. This will get you quickly to all the important tourist attractions. Also, don’t miss out on the Bucharest City tour that includes 12 stations in the heart of the Bucharest between the Parliament Palace and the Free Press Square.

Bucharest is one of the most unique Capitals in Europe where you will spend a couple of delightful days, regardless if you are travelling here for business or pleasure. Its cultural attractions, vibrant urban sceneries, modern parks and colorful nightlife are the reasons why tourists fall in love with it and want to come back for more. Luckily for you, the affordable prices of its accommodation offers make it possible for you to return every time you want to relive all its wonderful beauties.

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