Grand Cafe Van Gogh

Grand Café Van Gogh is one of the most stylish and fashionable cafes in Bucharest’s historic center. It’s unique design and impressive list of beverages make it a popular choice among locals as well as tourists. The bar’s spacious hall and friendly, warm interior design make it a great place to go by yourself, either to work or relax, to go for a business meeting or to go out with friends and family in search of a good time.

The pleasant atmosphere is mainly due to the large windows which allow natural light to flood the space while the white walls and odd specks of color from the paintings give much of the interior’s character. The high ceilings also give an air of elegance and space, making the already large hall seem even larger. Gothic and classic interior details as well as a series of chandeliers give the space an added note of distinction, giving this alternative café an air of elegance, making it a great choice for business meetings as well as a fun time.

If privacy is your thing then perhaps you should look into another of the numerous charming café’s in Bucharest as Grand Café Van Gogh’s tables are quite close to one another. In fact, it is this proximity that makes the atmosphere at Grand Café Van Gogh’s so special; a relaxed feeling of togetherness that makes everyone present feel at peace.

Breakfast at Grand Café Van Gogh is truly a celebration. Have your pick from fresh pastries including pain au chocolate, croissants or muffins.  If you are in the mood for something more substantial but equally fresh the broccoli crème soup or the crouton and sun dried tomato soup are sublime. Another must try is the freshly backed baguette with Brie, apples and walnuts. Dutch plateaus of cold cuts and cheese are also a good option, particularly for bigger tables.

When it comes to main dishes, food items change quite often in order to provide regular visitors with a new experience as often as possible. The talented kitchen staff prepares a wide array of international favorites so that just about anyone can find something interesting to eat.

Prices are a bit over the average price in Bucharest but the offer and quality of the food more than make up for it. Main dishes cost anywhere between 25 to 30 Ron, while salads can go as high as 24 Ron. Soups and deserts are priced at 12 to 14 Ron while the vast coffee menu has items priced at around 10 Ron. Beer and other alcoholic beverages also range from 10 to 24 Ron.

If you aren’t driving make sure you also look over the wine menu as you will find a great selection of international wines and some fantastic local varieties.

Grand Café Van Gogh is located on Smardan Street Nr. 9 in Sector 3, Bucharest. For reservations guests can call 021 316 60 02 or reach the café on their website at .

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