Hanul lui Manuc

Hanul lui Manuc is one of the oldest and most famous inns in Bucharest, Romania’s capital city. Built in the 19th century, this stunning restaurant was established by Manuc Bei, a wealthy and influential business man of the period whose rise and decline are closely tied to the history of the inn.

The current building takes full advantage of its perfect location, right in the middle of Bucharest’s historic center, and thus houses more than the Manuc Bistro, also boasting several bars, restaurants and some brand name stores within its imposing premises.

The beautiful courtyard and its numerous balconies are a prime location for a series of cultural events which range from operetta to symphonic music to jazz, theatre and everything in between. The building also contained a hotel which has been closed for the moment while that part of the inn is undergoing restoration.

Hanul lui Manuc can be found on Strada Franceza, Nr. 62-64, in the immediate vicinity of the Old Court, the former Court of Wallachian Kings. The exterior of the building faces Unirii Square, Unirii Park and other more modern constructions. The interior courtyard of the building, however, can transport guests back in time, offering a near perfect rendition of Wallachian and Ottoman architecture during the middle and late stages of the 19th century. Most of the building has either been or is undergoing careful restoration in order to best preserve its charm and character. While there have been numerous other restoration works performed on the building, even during communist times, it still preserves the original structure, a rarity in Bucharest, being one of the three 19th century Inn’s that still function within the historic quarter.

The initial proprietor of the Inn, Manuc-bei or Emanual Marzaian was an Armenian businessman of the time who had the inn commissioned in 1808. The Inn shortly became one of the most successful and visited commercial complexes and by the middle part of the 19th century it boasted over 23 stores. The Inn also has a rich historical legacy, being the place where the Treaty of Bucharest was signed, a treaty which marked the end of the 1806 – 1812 Russo-Turkish war.

The biggest hall of the Inn is where the Hanul lui Manuc Restaurant is located, with a capacity of 220 seats. The hall offers a mix of historically accurate decorations which blend seamlessly with modern amenities, creating a comfortable, authentic and rich environment, perfect for a good time out.

The restaurant serves a blend of Romanian traditional cuisine as well as some fantastic Lebanese dishes. International dishes are also served in order to provide customers with as wide array of items as possible. The wine cellar is also one of the virtues of the restaurant, boasting some fantastic wines, both local and international. Ciorba Haiduceasca with smoked ribs comes highly recommended while the Orange and Chocolate Cake is the perfect cake to end any meal.

For tourists and locals that want a truly authentic 19th century experience as well as a stunning garden outing there is no better choice than Manuc’s Inn.

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