Hanul cu Tei

One of the oldest inn’s in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, Hanul cu Tei has a rich history which blends stunning design with careful restoration and a predilection for cultural events that set it apart among other bars, pubs and restaurants.

Hanul cu Tei or The Linden Tree Inn was built in 1833, by Anastasie Hagi Gheorghe Polizu and Stefan Popovici. It is located in the Lipscani area, the main historic quarter of Bucharest and a densely circulated area by tourists and locals looking for fun and a place to eat or drink. Initially the pub was named “The Inn of the Wide Street of Merchants” or “Bezesten de pe Ulita Mare a Marchitanilor”. What truly sets this historic inn apart is that it has maintained the exact shape of its 19th century construction with no other elements being added or demolished during its nearly two centuries of existence.

The building has undergone several restorations during its long history with numerous stunning elements surviving, such as the original seal with the initial of the owners A.P and S.P.

The two owners split the space evenly with 14 shops each while the only parts of the building that had split ownership were the pedestrian alley and what was then the guardian’s room. The beautiful inn has a multi-story design which was located on top of the spacious and picturesque vaulted cellars. The most important businessmen and entrepreneurs rented space inside the inn, including Constantin Atanasiu who would eventually put in place a famous Bucharest general store called “La Vulturul de Mare cu Pestele in Ghiare” which would translate to “At the Sea Eagle Which Holds A Fish In His Claws”). That general store has survived up to present day being converted into a successful commercial center called Cocor.

Presently, the Linden Tree Inn is one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and locals who wander through Bucharest’s picturesque historical streets. The pedestrian alley is beautifully maintained allowing for a very personal experience for whoever passes. The former shops of the Inn which line the pedestrian alley are presently made up mostly of art galleries. The building itself has been tastefully and carefully refurbished, keeping all historical elements and offering one of the most authentic views of 19th century Wallachian architecture.

The Hanul cu Tei Beerhouse is one of the best places to relax and grab a delicious meal or a tasty international beverage in Bucharest. The Beerhouse offers numerous dishes which range from absolutely stunning fish and pork delicacies to classic Romanian or international dishes. The pork ribs come highly recommended but then again the entire menu is a splendid celebration of taste and skill. The beers on offer vary, from Belgian important to some local beers while wines and other drinks are also available. The interior design mixes modern touches with historical elements providing a fun and visually stunning environment. The copper used for much of the bar also gives a warm and pleasant note, making the Hanul cu Tei Beerhouse the ideal place to hang out while in Bucharest.

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